Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chuck Hagel


 A former decorated enlisted man, Chuck Hagel's appointment as Secretary of Defense will be a great morale booster for the members of our military; setting this precedent instills higher trust in the current administration by our soldiers and sailors, because they know Chuck Hagel has been there, has been down in the trenches, and fought heroically; enlisted military personnel may reassess their individual career goals with him as a role model in this position of great responsibility; Hagel is familiar with Congress while being a Pentagon outsider: Without doubt he will shake some branches, clean house and eject the flotsam and jetsam; reduce the bloated Pentagon budget; and, he will restructure the Pentagon as the Afghan War ends, and our soldiers return to civilian life.

 As a former supporter of the (ersatz) WOMD Iraq War, he watched, listened and learned over the years what an egregious decision was made by that administration, and was not afraid to say so, even when it meant a public criticism of those involved and backlash from his own party; and, he favored a proposal to have our troops ordered stateside from Afghanistan once bin Laden was neutralized.

 Hagel does support Israel in her fight to remain a free and peaceful nation: He does not support sending our sons and daughters, our best and our brightest, into harm's way once again, with a boots on the ground war with Iran.

All of the above, plus the fact that Hagel has a close personal and "on the same page" working relationship with our President and Commander In Chief, Barack Obama, makes it clear that there is no better candidate for Secretary of Defense than Chuck Hagel.

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