Sunday, January 20, 2013

Random Observations

 The current members of the GOP/TP pack make Cujo seem normal at the end.

Attn: Grover Norquist~Your spell has been broken by the "kiss my bloody arse" mandate, which the American electorate handed to Barack Obama, on 11-06-12.

To ambush a nemesis such as the President of the United States, it is always recommended to attack from the superior high ground position, not from inside a deep hole, such as Boehner & McConnell keep digging.

Too many of the ultra-orthodox right wing members of the TPGOP party react on a visceral level, and then attack: Most progressive liberals utilize the rational thought process, and then act.

Attn: GOPTP Forget what doctors say: Purchase a box of Q-Tips; clean out your ears; and, hear the ultimatum of the American citizens: Change, or post your resumes on CB.

Bitterness clouds judgment; Senator John McCain should be above that; but, hubris can vanquish any mere mortal.

It is hubris that has permeated the GOP/TP, that the Constitution can be correctly interpreted only by ultra right wing radicals, just as evangelicals preach that their literal interpretation of the Christian Bible is the only one which is correct: Establish one set of rules for right wing fanatics; promulgate Con/TP ideology, above all else; and, marginalize those Americans who dare to disagree, by calling them Socialists; Marxists; Commies; and, lazy unpatriotic takers, not makers.

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