Friday, February 8, 2013

Case Number 1065414: BEYER VS. JELEVA

Thursday, February 7, 2013
ACTION ALERT: Katerina Jeleva’s Battle to See Her Son Will Resume Feb. 12th
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Katerina Jeleva, the Utah mother whose son has been stolen from her via a corrupt DCFS and family court system, is coming up on February 12. Katerina is being forced to go to court at her own expense in order to defend herself against the termination of her parental rights, even after she has been proven innocent of any wrongdoing on at least three occasions.


…When Katerina was conveniently served with a Protective Order by her ex-husband shortly after his own bankruptcy proceeding, Katerina’s son was immediately taken from her by DCFS agents and armed police. Yet, after repeated interviews and investigations by psychologists, sex abuse investigators, and other DCFS agents, it was determined that there was absolutely no evidence that Katerina had abused her son.
It is imperative that we contact Judge Mary Noonan and her Clerk and remind them both that we are watching this case and that we expect Katerina’s son to be returned to her.

…Please contact the court using the contact information posted below and encourage them to rule in Katerina’s favor. Remind the court that the world is watching this case and that injustice such as this cannot continue to be tolerated. Remember to be polite, but firm.

Katerina’s case number is 1065414: BEYER VS. JELEVA

Contact Information: 

Judge Mary Noonan (801) 764-5820

Judge Noonan’s Clerk: (801) 724-3820

Judge Mary Noonan’s email address:

If neither of these individuals can be reached personally, please leave a message. Tell them to “Do the right thing.” Tell them to “Make the right decision.”

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