Friday, February 1, 2013

‘Meet Kanha’

Dear Deirdre-Deborah,

Thank you for standing with Handicap International in urging President Obama to join the Mine Ban Treaty. Your signature will amplify the voices of landmine survivors and their communities as we plead with the worlds superpower to stamp out these cruel weapons.

For 30 years, Handicap International teams have witnessed the damage inflicted on innocent civilians by unexploded remnants of war. We are the only organization in the world working across so many facets of mine action. We repair lives by fitting victims with prosthetic limbs, providing psychological support, and ensuring that they are included in their communities. These victims, like Hab Chorn, the Cambodian farmer pictured above, number in the tens of thousands each year.
Handicap International prevents injuries by teaching communities to avoid the remnants of war they find, sometimes years after conflicts end. Our highly skilled clearance teams seek out and destroy landmines, returning land to farmers and school paths to children.

Finally, we advocate for the global ban of landmines. The Mine Ban Treaty celebrated its 15th anniversary in December. In recognition of our hard campaigning to achieve that end, Handicap International was a co-recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize. However, our work is not complete. The world awaits U.S. support.

Deirdre-Deborah, we consider ourselves fortunate to have your support.
Soon, I will send you a brief follow-up email, telling you more about Handicap Internationals mission and how you might continue to help. For now: Thank you for adding your voice to the fight against landmines.

Yours truly,

Elizabeth MacNairn
Executive Director

P.S. Did you know it takes less than $15 to clear a landmine in a country like Cambodia?

Image: Birama Koulibaly / Handicap International~Cambodia

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