Friday, February 1, 2013

Sierra Club: Climate Change

Sierra Club supporters have been submitting their stories to Climate Comes Home, and they are heartbreaking.
“I was born and raised in Oklahoma, and was living in the home my mother was born in. The only problem was the horribly deteriorating weather. It stayed at least over 100 all summer, and the tornadoes became deadly. Every spring became a ‘fear for your life’ season rather than a season of beauty and rebirth. I finally had enough, packed up, and moved to the North Carolina mountains.

“It’s safe and comfortable here, but it cost me my home, friends and family, job, health insurance, my roots.” — Bill, Franklin, NC

Storms. Drought. Fires. These are our lives, and the time to act is now.
On February 17 in Washington, D.C., Forward on Climate will be the largest climate rally in U.S. history. RSVP today to help families like Bill’s!

You need to be at this rally. Every last voice will show President Obama how big the climate movement has become. We’ll gather on the National Mall, march to the White House, and form a giant human pipeline — and we’ll have a big announcement about speakers soon. You can check to find a bus near you. (If you absolutely can’t make it to D.C., scroll down for other ways to take action and show your support!)
“40 years ago, I moved to the Rocky Mountains of Idaho to live and work in the snow. Winter lasted 5-6 months then and started in mid October. Now, we don’t get snow until mid-to-late December. The forests are turning red from the beetle kill and no one dresses their kids in snow suits for Halloween. The farmers are fighting over water since our snow pack has diminished so badly, and skiing [which provides jobs] has gone mediocre. If this continues, our community will die.” — Kathy, Hailey, ID
“I go to Fire Island every summer. This year, flooding from the ocean and the Great South Bay tore up the railroad tracks, uprooted blocks of cement, and caused expensive damage to buildings, homes, and valuable property like sailboats. The unusually wide beach we had last year? Wiped out. The fences around the tennis courts? Wrecked. The dock by the bay? Submerged. And the island? Split into two.” — Joshua, Eugene, OR
No to climate disruption and Keystone XL. Yes to renewable energy and carbon standards for power plants. The time to act is now — RSVP today to make history.
“Drought conditions have caused great hardship on the farmers here and severely impacted Georgia’s economy. The house that I grew up in did not have air conditioning until I was a teenager, which would be impossible now. My husband and I are members of a community garden and this summer, because of the extreme heat and drought, all the plots were attacked by insects and fungal diseases.” — Sharon, Atlanta, GA
RSVP today — we can’t afford to miss this moment.

Thanks for all you do,
Kate Colarulli
Sierra Club Forward on Climate Rally Director

P.S. – There’s one more piece of exciting news. This coming Wednesday, February 6, Michael Brune and May Boeve will hold a video chat about the rally. They’ll have some big announcements and take your questions about the big day. RSVP to join the chat!

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