Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chocolate Child Slavery

Target: Mars Inc. President Paul S. Michaels and CEO of Ferrero chocolates,
Giovanni Ferrero
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Celebrating Valentine's Day with boxes of chocolate may be traditional. But chocolate made by thousands of child slaves captured through human trafficking is anything but romantic. 

These children work the corrupt cocoa fields of a billion dollar chocolate industry built on human rights crimes. 

Ferrero and Mars chocolate companies know that slave chocolate isn't how you show love on Valentine's Day. They promised to end forced labor in their cocoa plantations by 2020. 

But in the meantime, thousands of chocolate products will be produced by child slaves. And they can't wait that long. 

Ferrero and Mars chocolates do not need seven years to end the slavery they've known about for decades. Ask them to make chocolate sustainable and humane this year.

Please sign the petition to end this horrific slavery!

Don't Wait Until 2020 -- Eradicate Chocolate Child Slavery Now! - 

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