Monday, February 18, 2013

Mark Lynas: GMO Lackey

  • Mark Lynas: GMO Convert? Or Hired Gun?
    By Zack Kaldveer and Katherine Paul
    AlterNet, Febuary 14th 2013

    On January 3, Mark Lynas, British author of several books on global warming including Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet, told a sold-out audience at the Oxford Farming Conference in Oxford, England, that he was sorry. Sorry that he’d maligned genetically modified (GM) crops. Sorry that he’d “helped to start the anti-GM movement.” Sorry that he’d “demonized” a technology that could be used to “benefit the environment.”
    That’s right. An expert on global warming was now telling the world that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and GM crops, with their billions of tons of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, with their large-scale monocultures that leave food crops vulnerable to drought, pests and disease, are good for the environment.

    How did a journalist, well-known for his work on climate change, become an impassioned advocate and spokesperson for the biotech industry? And an instant media star in the process? Is Lynas just a slick self-promoter willing to say anything for attention? Or did he sell his soul to the biotech industry?

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    Mark Lynas is the Wayne La Pierre of GMO.
    Money talks and fertilizer walks!
    Deirdre Deborah Davin
    0913 EST

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