Friday, February 8, 2013

Protect Alaska’s Bears and Wolves

Robin Silver

The state of Alaska is increasingly targeting wolves and bears by allowing inhumane hunting practices across the state — even in national preserves.

This unsporting, wasteful behavior — including shooting brown bears after baiting them and killing wolves, coyotes and bears when they are raising vulnerable young — are part of the state’s efforts to increase moose and caribou populations, solely for the benefit of hunters.

Throughout the world, hunting practices avoid killing animals that are denning, those that are raising babies and the very young. Baiting and then killing brown bears poses extreme risks to both humans and other wildlife — this barbaric hunting method is prohibited in all other states and is also barred worldwide.

But the state of Alaska will allow any measure — no matter how cruel — in order to eliminate as many wolves and bears as possible.

The National Park Service has proposed temporary regulations that prohibit one or more of the hunting methods authorized by the state of Alaska in a number of national preserves. Please act now and use the form below to tell the Service you support regulations that protect wolves, bears and coyotes.

Your letter will be sent to the following recipient(s):

Deputy Director Joel Hard


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