Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Deer Rescuers Rescued

Deirdre-Deborah -
Wow. After more than 150,000 people (including you!) signed John Waudby's petition, criminal charges against Jeff and Jennifer Councellor have been dropped!
The county prosecutor had filed charges against the couple for not having a permit to keep a deer they had rescued with serious injuries -- even though the Councellors had tried several times to find a home for it and obtain a permit for it from the Department of Natural Resources. 
When John heard about the Councellors in the news, he started a petition on Change.org calling on the prosecutor to drop criminal charges against the Councellors. Within just a few days, an overwhelming number of people had signed it, contributing to the charges being completely lifted this week.
Thanks for being a change-maker,
Randall and the Change.org team

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